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About the programme
Language: Danish and Spanish  (See language requirements)  | Place of study: Aarhus  |  Commencement: August / September (no winter intake)


This programme is only offered in Danish.

Spanish – language and society

There is more to Spain than summer, sunshine, football and bullfighting. Spain also has interesting literature, a history with everything from the Moors to colonies around the world and Franco – and a beautiful language that is not only spoken by the Spaniards, but is also the first language of millions of people in Latin America.

As a Master’s degree student of Spanish, you become skilled at communicating both verbally and in writing and to specific target groups. You acquire in-depth knowledge of Spanish history and social conditions and get an opportunity for detailed study of topics of your own choosing. 

Four versions of the Master’s degree

A Master’s degree in Spanish is not only aimed at teaching or translating. This degree programme is available in four versions, depending on the structure of your Bachelor’s degree. You can therefore study for a Master’s degree in Spanish and still acquire exactly the profile you want, whether you aim for jobs in teaching, private or public sector companies, translating or communicating about culture, or something completely different. 

Elective subjects and practical training

As a Master’s degree student, you have more influence on your studies than during your Bachelor’s degree programme. Through your choice of elective subjects, you can choose to concentrate on Spanish subjects or create a more interdisciplinary degree by choosing subjects offered by other departments at the University of Aarhus. In addition, you have an opportunity to try out your academic skills in the business community by undertaking a period of practical training, during which you get an impression of what the business community expects of a humanist and gain experience collaborating with others. 

Admission requirements

In order to be admitted to the Master’s degree programme in Spanish, you must have completed a Bachelor’s degree with Spanish as your main subject, subsidiary subject or supplementary subject. 


The Master’s degree programme in Spanish counts as two years of full-time study (120 ECTS credits). Here you study track B, wich is for students with a different core subject plus a subsidiary subject taught at upper secondary school.

Admission requirements

Admission to the Master’s degree programme in Spanish and Latin-American Language, Literature and Culture (line B) requires:

  • A completed Bachelor’s degree programme with 135 ECTS points in Spanish and Latin-American Language, Literature and Culture (Aarhus University) or Spanish (University of Copenhagen, University of Southern Denmark, Aalborg University) with a Bachelor’s supplementary subject (45 ECTS points) in another subject within the range of upper-secondary school subjects.

Other degree programmes deemed by the university to correspond in terms of level, scope and content to the above-mentioned degree programmes may qualify the student for admission to the Master’s degree programme.

Selection criteria

As the Master’s degree programme in Spanish (due to government legislation) only admits a limited number of students each year, meeting the admission requirements does not in itself guarantee admission to the programme.

In evaluating qualified applicants, the admissions committee assesses each applicant on the basis of the average mark (i.e. GPA) of the Bachelor’s degree at the time of application. Marks/grades obtained after the application deadline will not be included in the GPA. 

The admissions committee assesses each applicant’s marks on the basis of the information provided by diplomas and transcripts. 

Language requirements

In addition to the above, Danish at upper-secondary school 'A' level or equivalent is required for admission to the Master's degree programme in Spanish and Latin American language, literature and culture. 

Foreign students applying for the Master’s degree programme in Spanish language must obtain grade 7 in the written examination discipline in The Study Test in Danish as a second language, and grade 2 in the remaining disciplines.

Legal right of admission

Students who have completed the Bachelor’s degree in Spanish language, literature and culture at Aarhus University as well as a supplementary subject within the range of upper-secondary school subjects have a legal right of admission to track B of the Master’s degree programme in Spanish and Latin American language, literature and culture.

The legal right of admission is conditional upon the student applying for admission to the Master’s degree programme in direct continuation of the Bachelor’s degree programme and within the deadline.

Programme structure

Academic regulations

As a student it is important to know the regulations for your chosen subject: what is the content, how is it structured and what does it require from you. You can find this information in the academic regulations.


In the following graphical presentation of the subject you can see the different modules and courses that, in addition, link to the course catalogue where you can read the course descriptions.

Student life

Study environment

In addition to your studies, there are other activities available in your spare time: 

  • Student Committee: This is a forum for students, where you can participate in discussions about the Spanish degree programme and meet fellow students from different year groups.
  • Lectures: Guest lectures with Danish and foreign lecturers are organised each term. These lectures are for all students and provide you with in-depth knowledge about particular subjects.

ISC: The University of Aarhus is internationally oriented, and many exchange students from all over the world attend every term, including students from Spain and Latin America. In the International Students Centre, you can meet Spanish-speaking students and thus get an opportunity to practise and improve your Spanish.

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Job functions for grads

This data is derived from AU's 2016 employment survey. This data should not be considered a completely accurate representation of the labour market and job functions for all graduates of the individual degree programmes. It exclusively represent the responses submitted to the survey in the years in question.

Job profile

As a Spanish graduate, you can find work in the following areas: 

  • Teaching: At upper secondary schools, universities, evening classes, folk high schools, continuation schools, etc.
  • Language: Linguist, translator and interpreter.
  • Communication and marketing: As a Spanish graduate, you have in-depth knowledge of Spanish history, culture and social conditions and are able to advise companies with contact to Spain or Spanish-speaking countries about cultural differences, codes of practice, Spanish characteristics, etc.
  • Cultural communication: Your knowledge of both Danish and Spanish conditions and their mutual similarities and differences makes you an ideal candidate for positions in which you facilitate communication between the two countries.
  • Administration and planning: As a student, you have acquired skills in structuring, planning, communicating, etc., which means that you are able to carry out a range of administrative functions in private or public sector companies.

You also have an opportunity to pursue a career as a researcher. At the University of Aarhus, you can apply for admission to the PhD programme, either at the so-called Graduate School, where you apply after completing the first year of your Master’s degree programme, or after completing your thesis.
For more information about PhD degree programmes at the Faculty of Humanities, click here

Competence profile

As a Spanish graduate, you have the following competence profile: 

  • Correct and fluent Spanish – both oral and written.
  • Proficiency in intercultural communication. You learn the unwritten rules of communicating with people in Spain and Latin America. In other words, you acquire a sense of occasion in Spanish.
  • A skilled communicator. You learn to communicate difficult material in an appealing way, and to address different target groups.
  • A structured and systematic approach. In Spanish studies at the University of Aarhus, we place great emphasis on making sure that you learn a systematic approach to your material, that you respect deadlines and deliver top-quality results.
  • Problem-solver. By analysing texts in the light of their cultural and historical circumstances, you learn to understand and analyse complex contexts.

Career guidance

Please contact the Student Counselling Office for advice about employment opportunities and the subject profile options of your degree programme.

You can read more about the career services that are available from Arts Karriere who provide information about employment opportunities as well as arranging various events and workshops.