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Online Master's Day

Are you in doubt about your choice of master's degree programme? Online Master’s Day, which will be held 26 Nov from 10 a.m. to 15 p.m. is an obvious opportunity to be inspired and get closer to a clarification.

During the day, you will be able to hear presentations on the individual master's degree programmes. Each presentation ends with a questioning session, where supervisors are ready to answer your questions about the programme.

On graduation day you can also

  • talk to student counsellors from the various programs.
  • learn about on admission, SU and Special Educational Support (SPS).
  • gain insight into career opportunities at ARTS Careers.
  • find out your options for spending a semester abroad

In addition to the items on the programme, you will be able to get advice throughout the day about your choice of degree programme.

Each presentation ends with a questioning session, where supervisors are ready to answer your questions about the programme.

Program for the day

The event will take place via Zoom. On the day itself, all the items in the following programme will be open as links leading to the relevant presentations. When you want to go in and hear a presentation, just click on the title of the presentation, after which you will be sent to the relevant meeting room.

NOTE! Each presentation ends with a questioning session, where supervisors are ready to answer your questions about the programme.

You are always welcome to jump into a presentation, even if it has begun.

If you have any technical problems, you are welcome to call us on + 45 21136023

Presentations of master's programmes

The programme is subject to change

TimeMaster's Programme
10:00-10:30Teknologibaseret forretningsudvikling (civilingeniør)
Informationsteknologi - it, kommunikation og organisation (ITKO)
Molekylær ernæring og fødevareteknologi/Molecular Nutrition and Food Technology (In English)
Linguistics (In English)
Internationale studier (In English)
10:30-11:00 Biomedicinsk teknologi og biomedicinsk teknik
Pædagogisk sociologi
Human Security (in English)
Journalistik (cand.public) samt Journalism, Media and Globalisation   
11:00-11:30 Economics and Business Administration (cand.merc.) (Both in Danish and English)
Bioinformatik (In English)
Sundhedsfaglig kandidatuddannelse
Anthropology (In English)
Kognitiv semiotik (In English)
European Studies
11:30-12:00 Videnskabsstudier (In English)
Kulturhistorie; International og Global historie (2 uddannelser)
Digitalt liv
Nordisk sprog og litteratur
12:00-12:30 Cand.cur./Kandidat i sygepleje
Sustainable Heritage Management (In English)
Children's Literature, Media and Culture
12:30-13:00 International Food Quality and Health (double degree) (both in English and Danish)
Cand.ling.merc. (Engelsk, Fransk, Tysk, Spansk)
13:00-13:30 Optometri og synsvidenskab
Nanoscience and Technology (double degree) (both in English and in Danish)
Æstetik og kultur
Intercultural Studies (English, German, French, Latin America and Spain) (In English)
13:30-14:00 Jura
Water and Environment (double degree) (both in English and in Danish)
Globale områdestudier (GLAS) (A-linje) (In English)
14:00-14:30 Neuroscience and Neuroimaging (double degree) (both in English and in Danish)
Tysk, Fransk og Spansk (B-linjer)
Pædagogisk filosofi
Globale områdestudier (GLAS) (B-linje)
English (In English)
Erhvervsøkonomi-Erhvervsret (cand.merc.jur.)  

Other topics

Guidance Counselling

Be aware that waiting time may occur. You will be locked into the zoom room as soon as the counsellor is ready.

For those who do not know AU

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Do you need help?

Ask the student counsellors

In all our programmes, you can get in touch with a student counsellor. It is a guidance counselor who is also a student and know the individual programme in detail. You can find the contact information on the student counselors via the individual programmes at masters.au.dk.