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Application procedure

Application procedure

It is important you acquaint yourself with the application procedure, including application deadlines, application fee and admission requirements before you apply.

Below, you will find information regarding how to apply, which documents should be included when you are applying for a Master’s degree programme and other important issues regarding your application.

We kindly urge you to read the application guides before you access the application portal.

You can find the application guides and gain access to the application portal under 'How to apply online'.

How to apply online

Your application must be submitted online through the application portal.

The application is divided into several phases during which you enter

  • your personal information
  • your educational background
  • your desired Master’s programme(s)
  • other relevant information.

Prepare your application
Which type of information is needed, and which documents are required, may vary depending on your personal and educational background and which study programme you apply for.

  1. Check the specific admission requirements that applies to the desired Master’s programme(s)
  2. Consult the documentation checklist and upload all relevant documentation
  3. Prioritise your applications
  4. Submit your application(s) before the application deadline.

You cannot make changes to a submitted application, but your application can be reopened for upload of further documentation later.

Number of priorities
You may apply for up to three Master's degree programmes at Aarhus University and prioritise your applications. Any additional applications will be rejected.

Application guides

Problems logging in?
Please fill out this form and we will help you as quickly as possible.


Application fee

Application fee – non-EU/EEA/Swiss citizens

You are required to pay an application fee of DKK 750 per applicant (app. EUR 100 per applicant) to have your application(s) processed.

The application fee covers up to three applications at Aarhus University. Please note that the Danish universities charge application fees individually.

Exceptions from payment of application fee

Exempt from payment of application fee are non-EU/EEA/Swiss citizens:

Applicants with a temporary work permit in Denmark (e.g. green card) must pay application fee.

Please contact ma.admission@au.dk in due time before the application deadline if you are unsure whether you must pay application fee.

Terms of payment

  • Payment can only be made in DKK and only through the web shop.
  • Your receipt for payment must be uploaded to each of your possible applications for admission.
  • Your application(s) will only be processed if the total fee amount is paid by the application deadline.

Refund policy

  • You application fee will be reimbursed if you accept an offer of admission and are still enrolled at Aarhus University by 1 October (summer admission) og 1 March (winter admission).
  • The application fee will be reimbursed through the web shop to the account from which the payment was made.
  • If you are not offered admission, your application fee will not be reimbursed.

Documentation checklist

Upload the documents listed below to your online application in the application system. 

In addition, check masters.au.dk to see if there are any specific requirements for documentation. Look under ‘Admission requirements’ on the page of the degree programme in question.

  • Exam certificates stating individual courses and grades.
    A transcript of completed courses stating results and grades, if you have not completed your Bachelor’s degree at the time of application.
    Diplomas and transcripts must be official.
    If you are a current or former student at a Danish university, you can accept data transfer and download a transcript of records to your application online.
  • Documentation of being registered on ongoing courses.
    If you have a legal right of admission, or your Bachelor’s degree gives you direct access to the Master’s degree programme, you do not need to document ongoing courses.
  • Course descriptions. Descriptions of all completed and ongoing courses. Applicants from Aarhus University do not need to upload these.
    Read below about translation of documents.
  • Documentation of fulfilment of language requirements (e.g. Danish A and/or English B).
  • Any previous or pre-assessment from Aarhus University.
  • Documentation of any Danish or non-Danish Master’s degree programme or any Danish Master’s degree that you have either completed or expect to complete before the commencement of studies (cf. the Master's admission rules).
  • Documentation of completed courses on previous, non-completed Master’s degree programmes with a view to mandatory evaluation of transfer credit eligibility.
  • An official description of the grading scale used at your non-Danish university, if your academic qualifications are from another country.
  • Your valid residence permit for Denmark, if you are a non-EU/EEA citizen.
  • Documentation of paid application fee (only applies to certain groups of applicants).

Applicants for psychology

Applicants without a legal right of admission to psychology must upload a completed equivalence form, which can be found on these guidance pages (In Danish).

Other relevant documentation

Aarhus University performs an assessment of your qualifications based on formal education. You should only upload documentation of job experience, relevance description, your CV or the like, if specifically stated as a requirement for degree programmes with restricted admission.

See under ‘Admission requirements’ for the degree programme in question at masters.au.dk.

Lack of documentation

You must upload all relevant documents when you send your application. If you are missing a couple of documents, we will send you a reminder requesting that you provide them. In this case, special procedures and deadlines apply.

Validation of ID

If you are asked to upload your ID, please note that it must include:

  • portrait photo (clearly identifiable)
  • first name
  • last name
  • gender
  • nationality
  • date of birth.

You can, for example, upload your passport.
We do not accept health insurance cards, driving licenses or photos.
You only need to upload a photo of yourself if you are admitted to AU and need a student ID card. 

Translation of documents

  • Documents that were not issued in either Danish, Norwegian, Swedish or English must be translated into one of these languages.
  • Translations of official diplomas must be issued by your home university or certified by an authorised translator.
  • You are allowed to translate the course descriptions into English yourself. In that case, you must also your course descriptions in the source language.    

Have you already passed courses on a Master’s degree programme?

If you have already passed courses on a Master’s degree programme at a Danish educational institution, it is important that you are aware of the rules on credit transfer and the difference between applying for admission on standard terms and administrative enrolment or re-enrolment (change of programme/transfer). In this connection, please note the following: 

  • When you apply for admission to a Master’s degree programme, at the time of enrolment, you must not have passed the entire first academic year of the degree programme at Aarhus University to which you are applying for admission.
  • If you have passed what corresponds to the entire first academic year, you must instead apply for re- enrolment or transfer/change of programme.
  • You should consult the degree programme's academic regulations to find out whether you have passed degree programme elements corresponding to the first academic year of the programme. You can also get advice and student guidance from the faculties’ student counsellors at Arts, Science and Technology, Health and Aarhus BSS.
  • If you have not passed degree programme elements corresponding to the first academic year of the degree programme of study, you must apply for admission on standard terms and credit transfer. You can read about compulsory credit assessment here.
  • If yours is a borderline case, and you are very unsure as to whether you have passed degree programme elements corresponding to the first academic year of the degree programme, it may be a good idea to apply for both admission and re-enrolment or change of programme /transfer.
  • Applicants from non-Danish universities may not apply for a change of programme/transfer, and must therefore always apply for admission on standard terms.

Permission to apply for admission if you were previously enrolled in the same Master’s programme

If you have previously been enrolled in the same Master’s programme you wish to apply for, but was withdrawn by the institution, you must apply for permission to reapply for admission.

  • You must apply for permission regardless if you have previously been enrolled in the same programme at Aarhus University or another Danish university.  
  • You must apply for permission even if you withdrew from the programme yourself, but just as well could have been withdrawn by your university due to too many used examination attempts, inactivity or your exceeding of the maximum time of study.
  • You apply for permission by filling out this form and uploading it to your application for admission in the application portal.
  • Aarhus University will grant you a permission to reapply for admission if you have significantly improved your possibility to complete the study programme since your previous enrolment.

Application process

Submitting your application

You can read all about how to submit your online application for a Master’s degree programme under How to apply online.

Please note that Aarhus University does not accept late applications, so make sure to submit your application(s) through the online application portal before the relevant application deadline.

Once you have submitted your application(s), you will receive a confirmation letter through the application portal. You can find all messages sent to you regarding your application(s) under the tab ‘Messages’ in the application portal.

Academic assessment of your qualifications

Once you have submitted your applications, we start processing them. For this reason it is important that you include all the relevant documentation, when you submit your application(s).

Some applications are assessed by the Admissions Office, while other applications are forwarded to the relevant faculty for an academic assessment of your qualifications as described in the academic regulations of the programme in question.

In order for us to assess your degree properly, you must submit documentation describing the general and specific contents of your Bachelor's degree programme. For information on which documents to include in your application see the documentation checklist.

It is important that you submit all the relevant documentation when you apply to make sure it is included in the academic assessment of your qualifications.

Without specific information about your academic qualifications, the department may not be able to assess your application and may thus reserve the right to reject your application on the basis of lack of information and documentation.

Submission of additional documentation

It is possible and sometimes necessary to apply for admission before you have completed your Bachelor's degree programme, English language test and/or supplementary courses.

If you apply for admission before you have completed your Bachelor’s degree programme, you must include an official transcript of records in your application.

If you are unable to include sufficient documentation of your English or Danish language qualifications when you submit your application, you should include documentation for signing up for a test or an explanation of when you expect to submit the results.

It is important that you must make sure to upload all the necessary documentation before the relevant documentation deadlines. Please find more information about documentation deadlines here.

Reply to your application

Following the academic assessment, you will receive the reply to your application(s). Please find more information about the different letters of admission and rejection and when to expect the reply to your application(s) here.

Obligatory credit assessment

Under the Ministerial Orders on Admission to and Enrolment on Master's Programmes at Universities, applicants must provide information on and apply for credit transfer for all courses previously completed as part of degree programmes at Master’s level. Credit transfers are limited to passed courses which are part of a Master’s degree programme which has not been completed.

You are obligated to inform Aarhus University of any passed subjects or courses which are part of a Master’s degree programme which has not been completed when you fill out the digital application form for admission to a Master’s degree programme. Please make sure that the information you upload is as detailed as possible. E.g. please attach official and certified transcripts of records and course descriptions in English or in the Scandinavian languages.

If you are granted admission for a Master’s degree programme, Aarhus University assesses whether credit transfers may be granted for previously passed courses or subjects. Credit transfer means that the subjects or courses you have passed previously will substitute subjects or courses at the Master’s degree programme you have been admitted to at Aarhus University.

Please be aware of the fact that there might be disciplinary sanctions if you submit wrong or lacking information to Aarhus University or if you omit to inform Aarhus University of passed subjects or courses which are part of a Master’s degree programme which has not been completed.

If you have not passed any subjects or courses at the same level which are part of a Master’s degree programme which has not been completed, you are not required to do anything.

More information about the study progress reform: 

Contact information

If you have any questions regarding obligatory credit assessment please contact the study centres at the Master’s degree programme for which you are applying for admission.


The Application portal

In what language can I view the application portal?

  • You have the option to complete the application form in Danish or English. On the Welcome page, before you log in, you can change the language of the application portal between Danish and English at the top of the page. If you complete your application in Danish all messages sent to you regarding your application(s) will be in Danish.

I cannot enter the application portal, what should I do?

  • It might be because of a temporary error, close all open browsers, restart your computer and please try again.
  • Some applicants encounter problems when using smart phones, tablets, iPads etc. Please make sure to access the application portal from a computer, using the browser Mozilla Firefox.

I cannot see my application when I log in to the application portal, what should I do?

  • It is very important that you always log in the same way as you did the first time you entered the application portal. If you change the way you log in, the application portal cannot recognise you and you will not be able to see your application(s).

Which types of documentation do you accept as documentation of identity (ID)?

  • We accept a valid passport or other national ID that includes a picture, gender and nationality. Please note that it is mandatory that your ID includes nationality and not just place of birth.

I have been asked to upload a new ID, but I cannot find the tab ‘User information’

  • The tab “User Information” is only visible, when you log in with a self-registered user. Please log in with your self-registered user and upload e.g. a copy of your passport.

The Application

I cannot find the programme I wish to apply for. What should I do?

  • We recommend you look further down the list. The programmes are not listed in alphabetical order. You can list the programmes in alphabetical order by clicking on the small arrow that appears if you place the cursor on “Education name”.
  • Please do not write anything in the spaces “Education name” and “Start of study from … to”. If you have done so, please delete it and press “Search” again.
  • Please note that some Master’s degree programmes only starts once a year in September (summer intake), whereas others may start in February (winter intake) as well as September. Please check when the programme you wish to apply for starts.

How do I prioritise my applications?

  • The first programme you apply for will automatically be your first priority. If you apply for a second or third programme at Aarhus University, you will be asked to prioritise all your applications, when you press “submit application”. 

How many programmes can I apply for?

  • You are allowed to apply for maximum of three Master’s degree programmes at Aarhus University. If you apply for more than three Master’s degree programmes, only your three highest priorities will be processed. The remaining applications with a lower priority will be cancelled.

What are my chances of admission?

  • If there a limited number of students accepted for a Master’s degree programme, we cannot say beforehand what your chances of admission are. This depends on several variable factors, including the number of applicants and the selection criteria for the specific programme. 

What kind of documentation should I upload to my application?

What type of documents can I upload?

  • You can upload the following types of documents: Word (doc and docx), PDF, JPG, JPEG, TIFF and GIF.

I cannot upload the file, because it is too big. What do I do?

  • There is a limit on file size of 20.000 KB. If your files are too big, divide documents into smaller chunks – and save the separate documents. It is also possible to save the document as a PDF or JPEG file that takes up less space compared to other formats.

Collection of data - is this relevant for me?

  • This is only relevant if you are or have been a student at one of the Danish Universities. If you are not and have not been a student at one of the Danish universities, this is not relevant for you. It is not possible to uncheck the box “Aarhus University”. Please continue your application by clicking “Next” and upload the needed documentation in the relevant boxes throughout the rest of the application.

I already have one Master’s degree. What significance does this have for my application and what should I upload to my application?

  • Applicants who already have a government-funded Danish Master’s degree have limited possibilities of admission to a second Master’s degree programme.

If you have completed a fully government-funded Danish full-time Master’s degree programme, you must wait at least six years before enrolling in a new full-time Master’s degree programme. Please find more information about the limitations on taking multiple degrees here.

  • If you have completed a Master’s degree that was not funded by the Danish Government, you are not affected by the limitations on taking multiple degrees.

What should I upload under “Passed higher education”?

  • Diplomas and/or transcripts showing examination subjects and the result for each examination (a diploma without specific examination results is not sufficient). These documents must be signed and stamped by your home institution.

What should I upload under “Unfinished higher educations”?

  • Transcript of records (if you have not yet received your final diploma and final transcript). The transcript must be signed and stamped by your home institution.

What should I upload under “Detailed course descriptions”?

  • Course descriptions describes the contents of each individual course included in your Bachelor’s degree programme. They can often be found in the programme’s syllabus, curriculum or study guide. The descriptions must be official descriptions issued by your home university in English, Danish, Swedish or Norwegian. If your university does not provide course descriptions, you can upload a document in which you explain that your university does not offer course descriptions.

Is an “Official description of marking scale used at home university” relevant for me?

  • This is relevant if you apply with a non-Danish qualifying degree. You have to upload the official marking scale or grading scale from your home university that shows both the highest passing grade and lowest passing grade. The marking scale will often be included in your transcript of records or diploma supplement.

Do I need to upload a “Résumé” or recommendations?

  • You should only upload your résumé and/or recommendations, if it is specifically requested in the application form for the programme you are applying to. 

After applying

I have not received a receipt for my application

  • If you have submitted an application you can find the receipt for the application in the application portal under the tab “messages”.
  • All communication regarding your application will be sent to you in the application portal, so make sure to check your messages in the application portal often.
  • When you receive a message in the application portal a notification email is sent to the email connected to your application. Sometimes the email notifications end up in your spam folder, so make sure to check both your spam folder and the application portal often.

When can I expect an answer to my application?

How do I upload my final diploma and/or the result of my English test?

Please write an email to ma.admission@au.dk and request that your application is re-opened, so you can upload the documentation.
The deadlines and procedures for uploading missing documentation are described here

How do I accept an offer of admission?

  • To accept an offer of admission, you must log on to the application portal and choose the tab “See status of applications”.  At the right hand side of the page, you will have the option to accept or reject the offer of admission.

Do I receive a notice when I have been enrolled in a Master’s degree programme?

  • Yes, you receive a message in the application portal once you have been enrolled. Most new students starting in August/September are enrolled in the end of June.

Will I receive a new admission letter, when I go from conditional admission to unconditional admission?

  • No, you will not receive a new admission letter. The status of your application in the application portal will change, when you are fully admitted to the Master’s degree programme.  


Commencement of study

Where can I find information about commencement of study?

  • You can find the information here

Apply as a free mover

Aarhus University welcomes international students to apply on individual basis as free movers.

This applies to foreign students who wish to take only a few courses at Aarhus University, or who plan to study in Aarhus for one or two semesters.