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Second round of admissions – available places

After the primary round of admissions to programmes commencing in the summer or winter, a number of Master’s degree programmes offer admission to any remaining places in a second round of applications.

Important information and deadlines will be announced on this page, including:

  • When the second round of admissions will begin
  • Which degree programmes can be applied for
  • Who can apply
  • The deadline for applications

You have one week to accept an offer of admission.


The degree programme overview will clearly state which groups of applicants can apply for the Master's degree programme in question, as not all applicants are eligible to apply in the second round. If there is limited availability, the announced selection criteria for the degree programme will be applied.

Non-EU/EEA citizens without permanent residency (or the equivalent) in Denmark are not eligible to apply.

Master’s degree programmes open for applications for the 2019/2020 winter intake, 2nd Round

Deadline: 6 January 2020

* Only applicants with legal right of admission

** Applicants with a qualifying degree from Aarhus University

*** Applicants with a Danish qualifying degree

**** All applicants can apply


Arab and Islamic Studies - A-line *
Arab and Islamic Studies - B-line
Globale områdestudier - brasilianske studier *
Globale områdestudier - Rusland- og Balkanstudier *
Religionsvidenskab - A-linje *
Religionsvidenskab (med kandidattilvalg) *

BSS (Business and Social Sciences

Economics and Management (Economics line) *
Economics and Management (Management line) *
Economics and Management (Without specialisation) *
Erhvervsøkonomi, cand.soc. *
Jura ****
Psykologi *
Public Policy *
Samfundsfag **
Samfundsfag (med kandidattilvalg) **
Statskundskab, dansksproget linje **
Technology Based Business Development ****
Technology Based Business Development for Working Professionals ****


Medicin ***

ST (Science and Technology

Biomedicinsk teknologi (civilingeniør) ****
Civil and Architectural Engineering ****
Computer Engineering (civilingeniør) ****
Electrical Engineering (civilingeniør) ****
Biotechnology and Chemical Engineering (civilingeniør) ****
Mechanical Engineering (civilingeniør) ****

Astronomy ***
Bioinformatics ***
Biology *
Biology - International double degree in Biodiversity Ecology (IMABEE) *
Biologi (med kandidattilvalg) *
Physics ***
Fysik (med kandidattilvalg) ***
Geophysics ***
Geology *
Chemistry ***
Kemi (med kandidattilvalg) ***
Mathematics ***
Matematik (med kandidattilvalg) ***
Mathematics - Economics ***
Medicinal Chemistry ***
Molekylær ernæring og fødevareteknologi ***
Molekylær medicin *
Molecular Biology *
Nanoscience ***
Statistics ***
Science studies ***

Særlige udbud

2-faglig kandidatuddannelse med kandidattilvalg i Religionsvidenskab *

2-faglige kandidatuddannelser med kandidattilvalg i arabisk- og islamstudier *

2-faglige kandidatuddannelser med kandidattilvalg i Oldtidskundskab *