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Calculation of GPA for the Master’s degree programmes in education

If you have documentation for more than one degree programme which fulfils the admission requirements, only the degree programme with the highest GPA will be registered.

If there is no average grade on the diploma for the qualifying degree, Aarhus University will calculate an unweighted GPA for the disciplines that are relevant to the admission requirements and which are assessed according to a graded scale. If the grades have not been awarded based on the the 7-point scale, Aarhus University will convert each individual assessment to the 7-point grading scale before the total GPA is calculated. Therefore, it is not important how many grades are included in the GPA of the qualifying degree, nor which grading scale has been used.

If your diploma contains separate grades based on both your general performance and examination in the same course, only the examination grade will be included in the calculation of your GPA.

Qualified applicants whose grades cannot be converted to the 7-point scale will be ranked on the basis of an individual academic assessment.