Student services

Student Counsellor

Student councellors are experienced students who advise other students in their department. This is the first place to go when you have questions, and they will be able to help or advise you on where to go for additional help. You can find the contact information for your student counsellor on the website of your department.


Legal Aid Office (Studenterrådets Retshjælp)

The office provides free legal advice to students on all matters. If they are not able to provide you with an answer right away, they are likely to investigate the matter further for you. The office is located in the University Student House.


Student Advisory Office

This group of social workers and psychologists is employed by the Danish State to assist students with personal matters. The service is free of charge and completely confidential.


International Students with special needs

The Counselling and Support-Centre can offer counselling and assistance for International students who experience study-related difficulties caused by dyslexia, physical, mental or behavioural disabilities. We offer free counselling and full professional secrecy.

Please contact the Counselling and Support Centre by e-mail or phone (+45) 87 16 27 20.