Today, innovation is the most essential aspect of surviving global competition and gaining market advantages. The MSc in Marketing and Business Innovation programme is designed for managers of tomorrow, who wish to understand the entire organisational innovation process and how this process is linked to key stakeholders. As a graduate with expertise in the fields of marketing and organisation, you will understand the dynamics of innovation and knowledge, and be able to tackle the many challenges you will face in your managerial career.

Unique Mentor Programme

Students will be part of the mentor programme at AU Herning during their master's studies. The academic world is thus anchored to the business world. The objective of the mentor programme is to enhance the students’ personal and academic qualifications and transform theory and academic knowledge into development of new business areas in new or existing companies.

Admission Requirements

Students that hold a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration or a BSc degree from Business and Social Sciences, Aarhus University can pursue direct admission to MSc programmes in Economics and Business Administration (including the MSc in Economics and Auditing) after they finish their bachelor’s degree programme. Please note that there are specific requirements to the composition of the electives for the Danish Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Commercial Law.

Students holding a Graduate Diploma in Business Administration (HD) can also pursue admission to the MSc programmes in Economics and Business Administration. However, it is required that you complete supplementary courses corresponding to 20 ECTS. For information on which supplementary courses you should take please check the overview of supplementary courses for HD (available only in Danish).   

Students that hold a degree from another university

If you hold a degree from another university, you can have your qualifications assessed by Aarhus University, Admission in order to find out if you meet the admission requirements. Please contact for further information. You can receive a pre-assessment between 1 September and 1 December. The assessment will prioritize the sufficient content of the following subjects and ECTS-points, cf. below.

Quantitative and Qualitative Methods


Managerial economics and Operations Management



7,5 ECTS

Finance and Accounting


Organisation-  and Leadership Theory

7,5 ECTS



Additional ECTS points within the abovementioned areas


Total ECTS within Economics and Business Administration



Language Requirements

Since English is the language of instruction in all subjects, all applicants are required to provide evidence of their English language proficiency.  


Programme Structure

Academic Regulations

Prerequisite courses during the first semester:

International Marketing Management

Business Research Methodology

Innovation Management

Specialisation courses during the second semester:

Business Innovation – Knowledge, Learning and Entrepreneurship 

Marketing and Globalisation

Strategy Synthesis

Leading Organisational Changes

In the third semester, you can choose elective courses within your areas of interest. The courses can be taken either at Aarhus BSS during the semester, at the AU Summer University or at one of our more than 300 partner universities abroad. You can also participate in internship programmes either in Denmark or abroad.

The fourth semester is devoted to the Master's thesis. You may freely choose the topic of the thesis and thereby get a chance to concentrate on and specialise in a specific field of interest. The thesis may be written in collaboration with another student or it may be the result of your individual effort. When the thesis has been submitted, it is defended before the academic advisor as well as an external examiner.



Student Life

Campus Herning is situated on the outskirts of Herning and is located in Birk Centerpark where you will find education, art and business life merged into one as can be seen from the surroundings. With its central position in Central and Western Jutland, we offer study programmes within business economics, international business communication and engineering. At campus Herning there is a close interaction between the different study programmes, which cover the needs and requirements of the business community. As a student in Herning you will experience the advantages of this interdisciplinary environment, which gives you the opportunity to work with students with different educational backgrounds in solving business assignments from the real world.

Study environment

"You should feel at home". It is as simple as that! Although your education is probably the most important factor in your choice of educational institution, the surrounding environment is decisive for a successful study period. It is hard work to get a degree but time should also be allowed for a fun social life. At campus Herning, we focus on the academic part but there is also room for friendship, events, getting together, love and all the other things which are part of being a student.

Campus Herning is a rather small institution with close interaction between the students and the teaching staff. Approximately 2,000 full-time and part-time students attend the different study programmes in Herning. Campus Herning has about 125 full-time as well as 100 part-time teachers.
Furthermore, we give high priority to personal information and guidance, and you can therefore always contact the staff if you need help.

The building from 1995 is rather unique. Not only does it contain and offer many facilities to students, but the light and comfortable arrangement of the rooms also creates a perfect and inspirational study environment.

Many possibilities and great facilities

At campus Herning, you can become a member of a number of different committees and thus take part in developing campus Herning as an educational institution. You can participate in the weekly Friday bar, meet students from other educational institutions at the student house or use the facilities in the fitness room above the student house – both are located a few minutes walk from campus.

You will find wireless network everywhere at campus, the group rooms are equipped with computers with internet access and the institution has its own book store.

Follow the student life at Aarhus University

-experienced, photographed and filmed by the students themselves.

With thousands of pictures #yourniversity gives insight into the everyday life as a student at AU; the parties, procrastination, exams and all the other ways you’ll spend your time at university.


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The study programme affords immediate qualifications that enable you to handle business administration issues in both public and private companies and organisations.

On graduating from the programme, graduates will be able to evaluate the market potential of new products or services; assess the impact of a new innovation on particular industries; create and implement strategies; and increase organisational creativity and manage knowledge workers.

Typically, graduates work with strategy, management, product development and innovation in logistics and supply networks, in marketing departments or production facilities in small, medium-sized as well as large enterprises or start their own businesses.

Specifically, graduates will be able to:

  • evaluate the market potential of a new product or service
  • assess the impact of a new innovation on the industry
  • create and implement strategies related to innovation processes
  • increase creativity and manage knowledge workers

For example, this may be within industry and trade, in the service sector, financial institutions, firms of accountants and consultants.

You may, for example, find a job as an

  • analyst
  • consultant
  • project manager

or may handle tasks within

  • sales
  • marketing
  • advertising
  • accounting
  • IT
  • etc.



Below you can find information about what a number of our alumni work with in their first job after graduation.

Supplier search (leverandørsøgning) and presentations.

Economy and Accounting
Compensation & benefit, controlling, KPI reporting, monthly account.

Information gathering, market research and price analysis.

Management and Organisation
Organizational management and strategy.

Marketing, succession planning, maintenance of masterdata in BI system.

From Studies to the First Job
“Get into a mentor program; it increases the chances to get a job after graduation.” (Cand.merc in Marketing and Business Innovation)

”Make sure that you have a job during your studies. This increases the chances of having a job after graduation.” (Cand.merc in Marketing and Business Innovation)

Study Abroad

Specialisation and Study Abroad

As a student, you will have the opportunity to tailor the degree programme in terms of your interests and wishes. Courses to choose from include strategic management and innovation, leadership and management, entrepreneurship and company projects. The third semester can be spent studying abroad.