Life outside university

Even though your studies take up a lot of your time, we know that life is more than that.

Below we have gathered some information about what your social life in Denmark can look like as an international student at AU.

You can also find more information about socialising on our pages for current international students.



Studenterhus Aarhus (Student House Aarhus)

Studenterhus Aarhus is the house for all students in Aarhus. Here you can find a number of activities throughout the semester for international and Danish students, ranging from concerts to road trips to language classes to weekly international nights.

Some international students also sign up as a volunteer at the Studenterhus, which is a great way to meet other international and Danish students.

Studenterlauget at Aarhus BSS

Studenterlauget strives to create the best possible social and professional opportunities for the students at Aarhus BSS. The organisation is non-profit and creates social and academic activities throughout the year.

Learn Danish

Lærdansk is the language centre in Aarhus with great experience in organising Danish classes for international students from Aarhus University. The centre’s offers are free of charge and the classes take place both in the afternoon or evening, and on Saturdays – in order to make the Danish education fit into your everyday life as a student. As a student at Lærdansk Aarhus, you’ll be learning in an international and multicultural environment with people from all over the world who’ve also come here to study. You’ll have the chance to create a big network by meeting your fellow colleagues from the other departments of Aarhus University.


Find out more about learning Danish at our pages for our current international students.

Cultural events

The city of Aarhus offers a variety of cultural experiences.

Each year the town hosts several festivals and concerts including Aarhus International Jazz Festival in July and Aarhus Festuge in September - the latter being the largest themed festival in Scandinavia.


Aros is the main art museum in Aarhus and one of the largest museums in Northern Europe. In the downstairs area visitors can enjoy the major special exhibitions, with the 'nine rooms' presenting international installation art. The large halls on the upper floors house the museum's own collections of art from the 19th century up to the present day. The museum also offers a restaurant at the top of the building as well as a café and a gift shop.

Aarhus Theatre

The Aarhus Theatre is worth a visit if only to take a look at its decorative facade and interior. Located near the Cathedral in the centre of town, it has five stages and its own theatre troop which gives performances from September to mid-June. The Aarhus Theatre gives students discounts on all performances - the tickets are half price for students. Remember your student id card.


You might also want to check out Musikhuset, the city’s Concert Hall. A wide range of performances are presented all year round from international pop concerts to ballet to performances by the city’s symphony orchestra. Sometimes there are free concerts and exhibits in the foyer.

In the winter there is normally also a skating rink outside in front of the Concert Hall. This is free to use.


Another option for musical entertainment is VoxHall on Vester Allé, which showcases music acts from around the world. A monthly program is distributed around the cafés in Aarhus.


For more information on activities and events in Aarhus, visit the official Aarhus website at


Aarhus University Sports (AUS)

The AUS is open to all university students and organizes a wide range of activities, from badminton to fencing to chess.

Find a list of all sport clubs that Aarhus University Sports represent

Sports clubs at Aarhus AUS

Other sport clubs

In Aarhus it is possible to play almost any sport. The biggest sports in Denmark is football (soccer) and handball, but the city also has clubs offering cricket, softball, rugby and many other sports.

Nightlife and Friday Bars

Like many other university towns, Aarhus has a bustling nightlife. From Irish pubs to cocktail bars and jazz cafés, you can probably find a café or bar to fit your taste.

The ’Friday Bars’ at the University are also very popular and a good opportunity for students, staff and professors to meet and enjoy a drink or two together. It started in the 1980s and is real tradition at Aarhus University.

The concept? Every Friday around midday, each department will set up a small bar in a canteen or a classroom where beer and soft drinks will be served until 6 p.m. Some bars also feature live music or incorporate themes.